Quick Kettlebell Workout For Rapid Fat Loss [VIDEO]

If you’re pinched for time, then your kettlebell workouts need to be short, efficient, and relatively simple. When you’re pinched for time and you’re trying to burn fat, then your kettlebell workouts shouldn’t have a lot of moving parts and should be structured in such a way as to burn maximum amounts of fat globules. […]

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CRAZY! – Man loses 6 pounds of fat and gains 5 pounds of muscle… [Kettlebell Workout]

… in only 30 days! I know that sounds too good to be true, yet that’s exactly what Jesse Smallwood did using just one kettlebell workout program – “The Long Haul” – which only takes around one hour each week.                   Here’s what Jesse said: “Just wanted […]

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These Kettlebell Workouts Will Fix Your Tired, Stressed, and “FEELING FAT” Feeling

Quick question for you: You ever wake up tired in the morning? You know, stumble downstairs to the coffee maker and pour yourself a fresh, steaming hot Cup o’ Joe? Yeah, me too. (Although I’m back on decaf.) Like you, between kids, work, (and school for me) my life is on “stuffed.” I don’t know about you, […]

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SUPER-QUICK Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts

Hope all my East Coast (USA) friends are staying warm from all that snow. Don’t worry about it though – here’s a quick tip to make it work in your favor: Did you know cold exposure increases fat loss? Yup. So when you’re shoveling, make sure you keep your gloves on to keep your hands […]

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LADIES: Getting Your Pre-Baby Bottom Back Using Kettlebells

This is a follow up from the last post for women, specifically on those “Trouble Spot” areas: The Tummy Pooch, Hips and Butt, and Thighs. In this post we’re covering the hips and the surrounding musculature – the gluts. Here’s the deal: Yes you may have some “spare” fat on your derriere. That’s also hormonal, just […]

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