Double Kettlebell Exercises To Pack On Muscle?

“Can you use the double kettlebell exercises to pack on muscle?”

That’s a question I often get.

In a word – Yes.

Here’s the deal – double kettlebell exercises like the clean and press and the clean and jerk are very powerful exercises for packing on slabs of beef. This is primarily because of the amount of tension produced in the working muscles while performing these lifts.

Tension creates muscle damage or protein turnover, however you want to look at it. And that protein turnover is what lays the groundwork for new muscle growth.

Before we cover any more on muscle growth, let’s do a quick recap on exactly which double kettlebell exercises we want to cover.

“Isn’t the barbell better?”

That’s a another question I often get and it usually follows the first one.

My answer – “It depends.”

Weight is weight and load is load. Your body requires load and it doesn’t know the difference between a barbell, a kettlebell or a giant rock. All it know is if something is heavy or not. And heavy is what you need to pack on muscle.

So you can use a pair of heavy double kettlebells or whatever you want to build muscle.

“Aren’t there more options available with a barbell?”

Yes, and no.

You can do the same exercises with a barbell as you can with a pair of kettlebells. But one thing that is not only hard to do, but downright dangerous to do with a barbell is high repetition Olympic lifts like the Clean and Jerk. These are great for packing on muscle and are much easier and safer (but certainly not less effective) to perform with a pair of heavy kettlebells.

What Are The Double Kettlebell Exericses?

Front Squat – Hold two kettlebells in the rack position and squat down. A really brutal kettlebell exercise for punishing your abs and legs.

Clean – Lift or “clean” to kettlebells to your shoulders, finishing in the rack position and do this repeatedly. Builds massive upper back and thick arms. Also makes the heart and lungs work overtime.

Press – Clean a pair of kettlebells and press them over your head. Do this often enough for enough volume and you’ll have shoulders the size of cannonballs.

Jerk – Clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack. Using your legs, explosively drive them up and over your head dropping underneath them to lock them out. Lower them back down to the rack position.

Clean and Press – Alternate between the clean and the press without putting the kettlebells on the floor. Massive upper body builder to get thick shoulders and a broad upper back. Not too mention the arms too.

Clean and Jerk – Allow you to use an even heavier pair of kettlebells. Do it for more reps – higher reps than the Clean and Press and you’ll pack on slabs of beef all over your body and add very little fat due to the high energy demands.

Of course there are more double kettlebell exercises than the ones listed above but these are some of the best for packing on muscle quickly.

Double Kettlebell Exercises, Anabolic Hormones, And You

Two of the major anabolic (muscle-building) hormones are testosterone and growth hormone.

Your body releases testosterone under heavier loads, like, say, a pair of heavy kettlebells. And you’re body releases growth hormone while sleeping and in the presence of lactic acid.

Using double kettlebell exercises for sets of 5 to 10 reps with as little rest as necessary between sets is the best strategy to get your body to release both testosterone and growth hormone.

But don’t forget to get plenty of rest. Heavy lifting for muscle-building requires a lot of energy. Performing them too frequently will actually have the opposite effect – your testosterone levels will drop, which is not only bad for trying to build muscle and therefore counterproductive, but exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, limit your double kettlebell training to 3 days per week and get plenty of food and rest – up to 9 hours of sleep a night.

Sample Double Kettlebell Exercises Workout Plan

Perform the following plan for 6 weeks and then switch to another kettlebell workout program.

Day 1:

A1. Front Squat
A2. Clean and Press

- Alternate between sets of A1 and A2.
- As many sets of 5 reps as possible of each exercise in 25 minutes total.
- Rest as necessary between sets.
- Try to perform more sets each week.

Day 2:

A. Clean
B. Press

- As many sets of 5 reps as possible in 20 minutes total.
- Rest as necessary between sets.
- Try to perform more sets each week.

Day 3:

A. Clean and Jerk

- As many sets of 5-10 reps as possible in 30 minutes total.
- Try to perform more reps each set each week.
- Try to perform more sets each week.

And don’t forget to eat a lot of food on this plan. Four meals a day is great. Get lots of protein and carbohydrates to help your body recover between workouts.

There you have it – a simple workout plan using just a few of the double kettlebell exercises that will help you pack on slabs of beef faster than you thought possible!

Click here for another great double kettlebell workout program to pack on muscle!

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